Team 3916: Apex Robotics


At Apex Robotics, we take pride in our 14-year history of nurturing a passion of STEM in our members, providing resources to improve their skills, and connecting them with student mentors. We build a strong sense of teamwork and ensure that our members grow in a world of technology. We are a high school robotics team operating in Apex, North Carolina at Apex High School.

What is FTC?

We are a team that competes in the FIRST Tech Challenge. The First Tech Challenge is designed for students grades 7-12 to compete in head-to-head, intense, fast-paced challenges. Teams are responsible for designing, building, and programming their robots to compete in an alliance format against other teams.

We mainly use GoBilda parts, which allow us to assemble our robots quickly and with ease. The versatility of these parts allows them to be reused each year, saving resources and encouraging creativity in building.

Awards are given out for success in challenges, community outreach, robot design, documentation of the team’s journey, and other accomplishments.

New challenges are announced every September. This is what our team works on for the next six months.